How do I find out what SHSH backups I have?

To install any firmware, you need a SHSH blob that matches the firmware version you want to install and also it must match to your device's serial number (ECID actually). You get the SHSH for the latest firmware from Apple, so you can always install the latest firmware, but not older ones. If you want to install an old firmware, you need to have the SHSH file for it, but because Apple doesn't create it anymore, you need a backup. Usually Cydia server backs them up for you as soon as you jailbreak your device, but you can also back them up without jailbreaking, by using TinyUmbrella tool. TinyUmbrella backs them up to your local PC or Mac and also to Cydia server. The SHSH file of the currently installed firmware cannot be backed up right now (but the hackers are working on this). This means that if you buy a device with iOS 4.1 installed and currently iOS 4.2.1 is the latest firmware, then you cannot reinstall 4.1, because you don't have the matching SHSH.

Now to find out what version of SHSH you have for your device, there are four ways to find out:
  1. On a jailbroken device, you can start Cydia and on the top of the start page you can see what versions are backed up. Unfortunately this is not always up to date, so if a new backup has been added, it might take several weeks until it appears there.
  2. On a jailbroken device, install and run iSHSHit (can be found in Cydia).
  3. Run TinyUmbrella tool and try to backup all SHSH versions for your device. TinyUmbrella will try to get them from the Cydia server and back up the latest version from Apple also if not already on Cydia server.
  4. Just try to restore the firmware you need, by using Cydia server as SHSH provider. If you get error #3194, you don't have the backup and can't install it.
last edit: 2011-01-10

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