Whom can I trust?

If you want to get reliable information about existing and future jailbreak and unlocks, it is difficult to get serious information if you don't know who you can trust. There are a lot of scam sites around that present copied jailbreak news and sell jailbreaks or unlocks. You should know that ALL jailbreak and unlocks for the iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Apple TV 2G that have EVER been published, are completely free. Don't pay for any such service or software. Except in UK there are also no "unlock codes" that you could buy. If you want an official unlock, always ask your provider.

So whom can you trust? You should also know that people often fake identities. Sometimes just by changing a letter: musclenerd is a reliable source (iPhone Dev Team), while muscIenerd is just a misspelling. Also you should know that geohot is not on Twitter anymore.

To know who is currently member of iPhone Dev Team or Chronic Dev Team, go to the iPhone wiki or their homepages: There are other people around that can also provide serious information (like iH8sn0w the developer of sn0wbreeze, GreySyntax, myself, and many others), but don't believe anybody if it contradicts, or has not been confirmed, by a reliable source above.

Lately active hackers are:
last edit: 2012-04-19

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