How do I enter DFU mode if device is in recovery loop?

The following process is for iPhones and iPod touches. The Apple TV 2G is different and not described here. This procedure is for those devices that cannot be turned off with the red slider, for example when you only get the Apple logo or the USB logo. If your device is working normally, please see How do I put my device into DFU mode? instead.

  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Make sure iTunes is running and all necessary drivers are installed. During the following process ignore any messages from iTunes. There is no need to click on any messages that might appear.
  3. Do a reset by pressing and holding both home and power buttons for several seconds.
  4. As soon as it resets (screen goes black), immediately release both buttons.
  5. Immediately press and hold the power button again.
  6. Wait until you see the Apple logo plus one second longer.
  7. Now press additionally the home button (still don't let go of the power button).
  8. Wait until the screen disappears (gets black) plus one second longer.
  9. Now release the power button, but keep pressing the home button.
  10. Wait until you hear a "connected" sound from iTunes.
  11. You should now be in DFU mode and your screen should be black. If you see the USB logo instead, try again.
last edit: 2011-02-21

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