How do I use greenpois0n without Internet connection?

Greenpois0n[1] needs an Internet connection to download a part of the firmware. If you don't have Internet access, or a very slow access or you are behind a proxy, the download from greenpois0n may fail.

You can download these files manually:
  1. Go to and download the correct ipsw. Make sure you download for the correct device and the right version.
  2. Rename the downloaded ipsw to .zip
  3. Open the ZIP file. In the root directory there is a file called where xxx is n90 for the iPhone 4 etc. (see list at
  4. Copy this file to the same directory where greenpois0n is located.
  5. In the ZIP file, go to the subfolder Firmware\dfu and locate the file iBSS.xxxxx.RELEASE.dfu (where xxxxx is n90ap for the iPhone 4).
  6. Copy this file to the same directory where greenpois0n is located and rename it so that .RELEASE.dfu gets removed from the file name.
Now you should be able to run greenpois0n without an Internet connection. Greenpois0n automatically detects that these files are present already, so it doesn't try to download them.


  1. Where do I download greenpois0n?
last edit: 2011-02-27

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