What bootrom version do I have?

Put your device to DFU mode[1]. Then go on depending on the operating system you use on your computer.


  1. Make sure your device is in DFU mode[1] and connected to your PC.
  2. Open Device Manager (in Computer Management)
  3. Open node Universal Serial Bus controllers
  4. find your connected device (usually Apple Mobile Device USB Driver)
  5. Right-click on your device and select Properties
  6. Open tab Details
  7. In the Propery dropdown select "Device Instance Path". Please note that the list is no alphabetically sorted and that there are similar entries.
  8. In the Value field you can see a string. At the end of that string you find IBOOT and the version number.

(Mac description is missing)

For the iPhone 3GS, iBoot-359.3 is the "old" bootrom and iBoot-359.3.2 is the "new" bootrom.

For the iPod touch 2G, iBoot-240.4 is the "old" bootrom and iBoot-240.5.1 is the "new" bootrom.

Other devices don't have different bootrom versions and can be identified by the device itself.


  1. How do I put my device into DFU mode?
last edit: 2012-10-09

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